Campaigning has Never Been Easier

Our online fundraising platform is a community where you can rally your family and friends to join you in your goal to level the playing field for access to education for all American children. 


Set your campaign goal and let the world know why you're passionate about education. 


Email your page to your family, friends, classmates, fellow board members and co-workers and ask them to donate.


Donate your birthday, create a challenge,

send a story to the press, the possibilites are endless.

Campaign Inspiration

Meet our wonderful volunteers who are committed to providing disadvantaged children with the tools they need to succeed in school for a pathway out of poverty.

Campaign to Fight Poverty 

I care about disadvantaged kids and want to help them exit poverty through education

  Campaign for your Organization

We want underserved kids to start school with confidence, prepared to learn

Campaign Because You Care 

I want disadvantaged children to walk into school confident and prepared to learn

Campaign For Your School 

As educators we know the value of school supplies

Campaign With Your Sorority Sisters

We're helping impoverished children at the Boys & Girls Club near our University

Because Children Are Our Future

Education is the path to a better life

Help us create a better future