Every Child Deserves a Shot at Success! 

Supplies for Success provides children in need 
with backpacks filled with essential school supplies 

2020 presented unprecedented challenges. 2021 looks brighter!

But for people living in poverty, school supplies are a luxury

they simply can’t afford. 


Last year, we assembled 19,000 backpacks in warehouses and shipped directly to our nonprofit partners. Another 1,200 were packed at home by families. During the height of the pandemic, we pivoted and to date delivered an additional 27,000+ pre-filled educational CareKits to young homebound kids.

We are continuously delivering art-filled CareKits for little learners to everyone's delight.

So far, we've distributed tools for learning to 50,000+ kids

during the pandemic.


With your help we can do more! The requests keep coming in!

$25 will help one student with a filled backpack and $15 will provide a summer survival CareKit filled with art and crafts for a young child.


Please help as many children as you can. Thank you!

Children Served



How can you learn without a pencil and paper to take notes?

How can you feel confident coming to school unequipped?

Millions of children in the U.S. start school without the basic 
supplies they need making them feel ashamed and anxious.

To level the playing field, Supplies for Success provides backpacks filled with age-appropriate school supplies before the first day of school, so underserved children can start prepared to learn, feeling confident, and looking like their peers.

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